Power supply to Myagdi’s northern villages and Mustang yet to be restored

Babiyachaur (Myagdi): The power supply from the central transmission line to Myagdi’s upper villages and Mustang which was cut off five days ago is yet to be restored.

The power supply to Raghuganga, Annapurna rural municipalities and Mustang was cut off on Thursday. The locals in Beg, Deba, Ramche, Histan, Bhurung Tatopani, Shik, Dhar, Daha and Narchyang villages have been forced to go without electric power.

Hotel entrepreneur Indra Singh Sherchan said the hoteliers in the tourist destinations of Ghodepani, Bhurung Tatopani and Dana have been severely affected.

The delay on part of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) to restore the power supply has caused nuisance for the consumers.

The NEA Beni Distribution Centre is yet to detect the breakdown and repair the damages. The Centre has however stated that the problem will be detected once the test is carried out along Tilkenichaur to Milanchowk sub stations’ transmission lines before undertaking the repair works.